Sustainability within Profeeds and Nutrimaster


Profeeds is a leading Zimbabwean stock feed manufacturer who produces feed for poultry (both broilers and layers), cattle, pig, goat, rabbit, horse, fish feed as well as dog food. The company distributes its feed through 45 retail stores nationwide with continued expansion plans throughout Zimbabwe. The shops provide a complete agri-solution for Zimbabwe farmers with stock feed, veterinary products, equipment, implements, seed, fertilizer and other agri inputs on sale.

Nutrimaster uses latest technology to ensure effective blending of fertilisers whilst integrating all aspects of social responsibility into the design of the plant. Strategies to implement training and use of the product in the small scale and poorer communities to improve their agricultural yields are a key objective.

Key sustainability aspects

Profeeds is planning to upgrade its production facility in early parts of 2022.

  • Profeeds have developed and successfully implemented a waste management plan whereby all major waste streams generated are separated and recycled or reused.
  • The company has started to follow SCORE Zimbabwe, the United Nation’s International Labour Organisation (ILO)’s global programme for sustaining competitive and responsible enterprises (SCORE) to improve productivity and working conditions in small and medium enterprises (SMEs).
  • Profeeds and Nutrimaster continues to provide an agri-solution for all its customers by providing training and advice to its customers as well as a one stop shopping service.
  • Through farm visits and live training sessions via Facebook or masterclass videos, Profeeds continues to provide technical training, e.g. on poultry management, or on cleaning and disinfection, to its client base of small-scale farmers as well as commercial growers.
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