Natpak Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability

Natpak participated in provision of food baskets and monetary support for Cyclone Idai victims directly and through Miracle Missions.


Natpak was started in Bulawayo in 1981, primarily to meet the growing packaging demands of its then parent company, National Foods Limited.

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In 1994 Natpak expanded to Harare where it opened a full production plant for woven polypropylene sacks. Natpak is focused on investment in state-of-the-art equipment, giving it the capability to produce large volume, high- quality output.

In 2014 Natpak diversified its operations by entering flexible film production, mostly for FMCG products. In 2017 Natpak made an investment into Alpha Packaging (Private) Limited, which manufactures corrugated paper packaging. Alpha’s state of the art plant was commissioned in 2019. In 2018 investments were made to the manufacture of Polyethylene (PET) preforms and High Density (HD) closures and bottles, leading to the creation of its rigids packaging division.

Sustainable Operations

The company is Safety Management System ISO 22000 certified and takes responsibility for all waste generated in the production process through recycling. The business is committed to continual improvement particularly in the area of food safety and is currently focused on attainment of certification to the international benchmark of Brand Reputation Compliance Global Standards (BRGS).

Recent investments include

Natpak has commissioned a new coating line to the sacks division and two preform injection moulding machines enabling increased capacity and growth. Alpha Packaging has commissioned a flour bag machine and is expanding its warehousing capacity.

Alpha Packaging

NatPak rigids division