Irvine’s Zimbabwe have been operating in Zimbabwe for over 62 years and have been heavily involved in developing rural poultry production in line with Government's policy of developing agriculture in the rural areas.

Strategic Approach

Irvine’s Zimbabwe empowers communities across the country through the supply of high-quality poultry products, as well as providing support and solutions to small-scale businesses, in line with government policy.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Community is the watchword of the Irvine’s CSR strategy, and the company has made a difference in a number of communities through its various sustainability programmes which support education and vulnerable children, as well as offer backup and training to communal farmers, youth and women.

Key Highlights
  • 12 poultry demonstration houses in the country’s 10 provinces with a capacity of 2 500 broilers per house

  • Irvine’s provides training in poultry production and farming methods producing almost 95% success rates

  • Contributing towards empowerment of farmers with 100% broiler chickens slaughtered being grown by contract farmers

  • Irvine’s makes huge investments in employee housing with 705 five-roomed housing units catering to almost 2 500 workers

The company has been at the forefront of economically empowering local communities in line with its business objective of changing lives by producing affordable protein.

Irvine’s Zimbabwe provided 12 poultry demonstration houses in each of the country’s 10 provinces which are fully equipped and have a capacity of 2 500 broilers per house. Irvine’s provided the first batch of chicks and the necessary feed free of charge; beneficiaries then sold these chickens and used the proceeds to purchase the next batch.

These facilities are also used to train participants in poultry production, with training extended to radio programmes.

The company has also put in place free training on best poultry farming methods for rural farmers who are achieving upwards of 95% success rates, equalling commercial growers in the region. Irvine’s prides itself on contributing towards the local empowerment of farmers in Zimbabwe with 100% of the broiler chickens processed at its abattoir being grown by contract farmers.

Management is also acutely aware of the Irvine’s community, and towards this end has made a huge investment in employee housing, building 704 five-roomed houses with full amenities clustered at Derbyshire, Carnock and Lanark Village communities to accommodate and cater for over 2 500 workers. The staff housing has access to a recreational centre, two modern clinics and two schools manned by qualified professionals from the health and education sector. In addition, 29 houses with full amenities have been built for management, 17 on Derbyshire and 12 on Lanark Farm.

Community Involvement

Irvine’s runs a clinic and primary school for its employees and their families at its two farms providing health and education facilities within reach. The two clinics treated 9 584 staff over the year as well as 2 134 employees’ family members.

Irvine’s works with a women’s cooperative providing income generating projects.

In partnership with Global Fund, two new projects are underway where housing for 10 000 birds is being constructed – one in the Nyadire area, west of Mutoko, 140km east of Harare and the other in the Mutasa District north of Mutare in eastern Zimbabwe. These houses will be equipped and rear birds for the benefit of the communities.



IZIM received several awards in corporate social responsibility and marketing initiatives.

  • CSR Network Zimbabwe – Excellence in Community Empowerment & Social Impact
  • Zimbabwe CEO’s Network – Social and Human Capital award (For implementing innovative business solutions to tackle the most important societal challenges of our times)
  • Marketers Association of Zimbabwe -  Superbrand 2021 Winner in the FMCG Meat Sector
  • Zimtrade Exporters awards – 1st Runner up Agricultural inputs

Safety Awareness Campaign

Two events were held during the past year to raise awareness in occupational health and safety, one at Derbyshire Farm and one at Harare South Farm. Five representatives from each department were chosen to participate at each event with the aim of cascading the information to their peers and departments.

In an address to participants, Mr Irvine stressed the crucial role of health and safety in the workplace, and why every team member should strive to execute their duties in as safe an environment and manner as possible. He encouraged all team members to be familiar with their Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) at their various workstations, and to diligently follow them. The event was made more poignant by the presence of survivors of work-related accidents who gave their testimonials as a means of illustrating the importance of adhering to safety measures and encouraging other team members to learn from their experiences and appreciate the value of safety.


Mr Irvine, together with workers’ committee members, marked the event by cutting the ribbon on an Occupational Health and Safety Policy statement. The statement is a sign of commitment from both parties: management and team members. Team leaders were issued with policy statements to display at work stations within their departments.

Human Capital

Irvine’s current staff complement is 1 939, of which 618 (32%) are women. Staff complement increased by 6% against the backdrop of increased production across the categories.

Long Service Awards
Recognising and celebrating employees who have worked for the company for a substantial length of time through Long Service Awards has been an Irvine’s Zimbabwe’s tradition since 1999.

The main aim of the award is to demonstrate the company’s appreciation for employee loyalty and dedication, with the hope that team members may feel valued.