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Innscor Africa Limited (IAL) undertakes Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives through the Group’s corporate office and through its various subsidiary and associate companies.


Through various initiatives across the organisation, the Group supports community development programs that empower the disadvantaged and less privileged with opportunities to access healthcare, education, and recreational activities. We support orphans, the disabled, and senior citizens by improving their living conditions.

The Group also provides support in the areas of arts and culture, the environment, sports and recreation and animal welfare


Baker’s Inn Futures League


Innscor Africa Limited (“IAL”) continued to proudly support the following:

National Institute of Allied Arts (NIAA) - Visual and Arts Festival

Investment in Arts and Culture Support

IAL are proud to be associated with the NIAA, an organisation that has been in existence for over 100 years. Since its inception, candidates who excelled have received awards and certificates with the earliest recorded medallions being presented in 1927 while the earliest certificate was presented 1938.

NIAA continues to build up a knowledge, understanding and appreciation of the arts by affording people, mainly school children, the opportunity to participate and perform in the fields of music, speech, drama, literature and art. In spite of various COVID-19 lockdown measures that were in place for the greater part of 2021, the NIAA continued with the annual programmes, albeit online, and awarded proud winners their trophies and prizes.

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Friends of the Environment (FOTE)

Investment in Our Environment

Widespread deforestation continues at an even more alarming rate fuelled by the global demand for timber, paper, land preparation for agriculture, veldt fires and energy requirements. Deforestation is considered the second leading contributor to carbon emissions worldwide after the burning of fossil fuels. As forests disappear, so too does wildlife, flora and fauna, aquatic life and river eco-systems. Forests serve as value stores for biological diversity, balance of ecosystems and as stabilizers of the global climate.

Unfortunately, our forests are depleting much faster than nature can replenish on its own including current reforestation efforts. In Zimbabwe alone, 330 000 hectares of forests are destroyed annually, according to the Forestry Commission in Zimbabwe and our forests will be completely depleted in 52 years. Much of the rural landscape lies desolate. FOTE through all its initiatives acknowledge that they will never be able to solve the climate change crisis without seriously engaging in reforestation while at the same time stopping deforestation. IAL continued to support FOTE and this very important cause for the past eight years and hopes to make an impact in preserving and protecting our national forests for the long- term benefit of our society.


FOTE Objectives:

To plant a minimum of 500 million trees in Zimbabwe by 2026.
How will this objective be achieved:

  • Environmental awareness campaigns
  • Establishment of tree seedling nurseries Tree planting
  • Employment creation
  • Advocate for primary and secondary school curricular that encompass environmental issues
  • Sponsoring tree planting and conservation programmes
  • Promotion of a culture of tree planting and environmental conservation

IAL/Baker’s Inn Futures League (BIFL)

Investment in Sports and Recreation

This initiative, which supports grassroots development of junior cricket in Zimbabwe was launched by the Group through the Baker’s Inn brand in conjunction with the Alistair Campbell High Performance Programme (ACHPP) in 2020.

The programme, which focuses on the Under 14 to Under 18 age groups, provides aspiring young cricketers with expert coaching, access to training facilities and weekly matches.

Despite lock-down measures over the past two years, the initiative has proven to be highly successful in nurturing participation, understanding and exposure to the game of cricket of Zimbabwe, which continues to grow and gain popularity.

The Blue Cross Adventure Challenge

The Blue Cross is a 500km ultra distance adventure challenge that takes participants from the Save-Runde Confluence situated in the Save Valley to Mount Nyangani in the Eastern Highlands. The event is in its 26th year and raises funds exclusively for the Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA). The 2020 event brought together 120 participants, and together with their support teams who tackled the endurance event across a range of disciplines, including running, walking, mountain biking and horse-back riding. IAL is a proud sponsor of the event and continue to play an active role in supporting the SPCA.

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Walking trail

Ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic

Investment in the health and welfare of Our People

IAL continued to provide ongoing medical support to its employees through the high-care medical centre established during 2020 at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, with almost ZW$ 161 million having been deployed towards COVID-19 awareness campaigns, provision of basic health care, medication, hospitalisation and counseling services and support to affected employees. The Group continues to implement and observe WHO-approved COVID-19 guidelines across its operations to safeguard the health and welfare of its employees, consumers, customers, suppliers and stakeholders. The Group also supported the Government’s efforts in its vaccination programme, and through extensive in-house educational initiatives, it continues to encourage its employees to get vaccinated. Educational support initiatives continue to be implemented across the Group businesses, and a transition in the general culture toward a heightened focus on cleanliness and improved hygiene standards is evident across the Group.

National Covid-19 Call Centre

In 2020, IAL invested into a National Covid-19 Call Centre. The Group have continued to fund the Call Centre through providing the personnel that man the Call Centre 24/7, in liaison with the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting Services. The Call Centre provides general updates and information on Covid-19 and other government pronouncements regarding COVID-19. IAL provides the full salaries and wages for employees manning the Call Centre with Liquid Telecom providing connectivity and bandwidth.

Group Head Office Long Service Awards

The Group celebrates and recognise the following executives attaining 20 years of service: