Sustainability within Providence Human Capital

Providence Human Capital

Providence Human Capital focuses on people solutions, with a goal to be the most trusted and respected corporate services management firm, recognised by its people and clients for delivering excellence.

Providence provides outsourced Payroll Services, Employee Benefits, Employee Wellness and Staffing Solutions.

Key Sustainability Highlights

  • Organising events which provide psycho-social support and foster a spirit of togetherness for the employees of the Group, e.g. Providence Cancer Awareness, Annual Innscor Sports Day, which focuses on health & wellness providing a participatory approach when employees are involved in competitive sport and games, and Human Resource seminars to which stakeholders such as NSSA, ZIMRA, NEC and pension administrators are invited, providing employees the chance to ask questions directly. Providence is hoping to hold its Annual Innscor Sports Day in early FY 2023.
  • Providing support for female employees within the Innscor Group through its Girls Network which includes monthly meetings. Due to COVID-19 lockdown restrictions, there were no meetings held during 2022, but Providence is planning to restart these meetings in early FY 2023.
  • To ensure instant access to medical care, Providence Health provides no cash clinics to all the employees and their dependents within the Group.

Key Sustainability Highlights (continued)

  • Pay slips are now electronic, saving paper, printer ink and electricity.
  • Through the Employee Share Trust loans for education, housing, medical emergencies and funeral assistance continued to be offered to staff of the Group.
  • Through the set-up of industrial canteens, Providence has been able to provide 3 900 hot meals to staff within the Group on a daily basis.

Providence Health Clinics

Providence Health supports the Innscor Group by offering healthcare to the employees of the Group as well as their dependents. During 2022 the following number of visits were recorded at Providence’s ten clinics throughout Zimbabwe:

* Members of staff who work in the food industry and handle food directly require regular health checks.
* Members of staff who work in the food industry and handle food directly require regular health checks.

COVID-19 Pandemic Support

Providence Health continued to provide support to the Group to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic. During 2022 Providence Health received the licence to administer COVID-19 vaccinations and boosters for the Group’s employees and clients, either at the Providence Health Clinics or at the premises of its clients. The Company continued to supply face masks and hand sanitizers to the Group as well as carried out COVID-19 testing.

Counselling Services

Providence Health counselling personnel continuously provided counselling services to the employees in response to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. The Counselling Centre has also carried out awareness campaigns to ensure employees and dependents receive the necessary information and help they needed to deal with the pandemic.