Sustainability within National Foods Holdings Limited


National Foods is Zimbabwe’s largest food manufacturer. The Company was established in 1920 and has manufacturing sites in Harare and Bulawayo from which it distributes its products throughout Zimbabwe. National Foods produces a broad range of basic foods, including maize meal, flour, rice, salt, snacks, biscuits, pasta, sugar beans, baked beans, popcorn and a full range of animal feed. The Company’s iconic brands include Red Seal, Pearlenta, Gloria, Mahatma, Better Buy, ZimGold, National Foods Stockfeeds, Iris, Zapnax, KING and most recently Allegros Popticorn. Gloria and Red Seal have existed for over 100 years.


Key sustainability highlights

  • Zero waste philosophy with recovering energy by using waste incinerated in National Foods’ cyclonic boilers to produce the steam required for processing. This initiative allows for symbiosis with other businesses of the Group for the disposal of specific waste to be incinerated.
  • New machinery which will increase production and energy efficiency will be installed at both National Foods Harare (cereal plant) and National Foods Bulawayo (flour mill).

Key annual data for National Foods

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