Prodairy Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability

Prodairy’s holistic value chain approach, of farm-to-home, has allowed Prodairy to grow its milk supply and brands through strategic partnerships with farmers, packaging suppliers, transporters, distributors, wholesalers and retailers.

Strategic Approach

Increasing production capacity and widening the scope of our product innovations, while maintaining sustainable practices, in order to meet the growing demand for Revive Dairy Blend and Maheu.

Corporate Social Responsibility

In an effort to drive community development, Prodairy, in conjunction with several partners, has championed a number of activities and supported public and private partnerships through non-profit organisations that help to address national challenges around child welfare, sports, arts and culture and national blood drives.

Key initiatives include the sponsoring of the Ruwa Football Club. This community involvement has not only provided consistent support to the young team by covering their seasonal budgetary requirements, equipment, and playing kits, but has also generated an increased sense of pride and excitement within the Ruwa community. The aim is to nurture young talent and create a sporting platform from which youth in the community can pursue their dreams.

Prodairy also takes pride in its investment in the next generation through the support of the Tag Rugby Trust, a sports trust which aims to empower and improve the lives of underprivileged children, using rugby as a vehicle. The support from Prodairy is in the form of cash, kits and beverages for consumption during matches.

Through our annual partnership with the National Blood Transfusion Services (NBTS), Prodairy facilitated and hosted quarterly blood camps at the Prodairy premises where employees donated blood, thus contributing to the National Blood Bank. This year, four blood camps were hosted with a target of 160 blood donors from NBTS; this target was not only met but greatly surpassed with a total of 218 donors.

This year we continued our partnership with Husqvarna and SPAR Zimbabwe who organised the Rainbow Run and Mud run respectively, with all proceeds going towards Childine and Kidzcan.


Our People

The Prodairy workforce for the just-ended financial year comprised 434 employees, with 19% of the total workforce being women, as depicted in the table below:


Long Service Awards

In appreciation of those who have been with the company for a number of years, long service awards were conducted on a small scale. We recognise the contributions of all staff members, and particularly celebrate those that have tirelessly helped us build the Prodairy brand over the years.