Prodairy Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Prodairy is passionate about giving back to the community through partnerships with various organisations and projects which support vulnerable children, and the elderly. Prodairy has supported key societal initiatives, including The National Blood Drive Campaign. The National Blood Service is a non-profit making organisation that seeks to improve the quality of life of patients in need of blood without any form of discrimination through collecting, processing, and distributing safe adequate blood and blood products.

Prodairy is proud to be one of Zimbabwe’s blood drive collection centres since 2018 with collections towards the national bank growing over 200% in the last 4 years.


The Company continues to partner with the MOBI Soup Kitchen. Through the combined efforts of Prodairy and the MOBI Kitchen team, over 1 000 disadvantaged children are fed weekly, in and around Hatcliffe areas. This has translated to over 52 000L of Revive Maheu availed to children under the age of 15 who do not have access to regular food supply and who are in need of a nourishing and filling beverage.

Through the collaboration with the Lynde Francis Trust since 2019, Prodairy has managed to provide monthly food packs to over 300 vulnerable families in Mbare, Tafara, and Chitungwiza. Most of these families are affected either by HIV, or with physical disabilities.

Flame Lily and Westreign Retirement Homes have benefitted from their partnership with Prodairy with 120 elderly people receiving over 2 000L of our Life Milk.

The mandate of the Tag Rugby Trust is to build the future of Zimbabwean children in the communities through rugby introduced as a sport at the grassroots level. Prodairy has collaborated with the Tag Rugby Trust by providing refreshments after their games. Every month Prodairy donates 120 units of Revive Maheu and Dairy blend to these games.

Prodairy have also been continuously involved in different initiatives, by working together with Hellenic School in the Zimstock fundraising, Husqvarna Mud Run, and SPAR Zimbabwe Rainbow Run whose proceeds go towards various organisations. Zimbabwe Cricket, Round Table, Miracle Missions, Orate Africa.

Prodairy also participated in World Milk Day, held on 1 June 2023 at Bulawayo City Hall. This year’s focus was on highlighting how dairy is reducing its environmental footprint, while also providing nutritious foods and livelihoods.

During F2023, Prodairy provided invaluable support to three groups of beneficiaries through product drink donations and other support, which included the following:

Prodairy with Mobi Kitchen
Prodairy with Mobi Kitchen

Sustainability and Innovation

Prodairy continues to rise to the challenge to provide sustainable ways to meet the growing demand for dairy and dairy products in Zimbabwe. Its mandate is to provide nutritious dairy and dairy-based beverages for the millions of Zimbabweans, in a way that protects the planet.

With its packaging partner, the business is currently addressing on how best to package a litre of milk, maheu or cream, transport it to where it’s needed most, and know that when it’s eventually opened, even months later, it is safe and tasty to drink and disposed of in an environmental manner. Innovative technology underpins the Company’s ability to get products to the remotest parts of Zimbabwe. As Prodairy increases its geographical footprint, it is imperative that it does not prioritise growth at the expense of the planet. Added to the Life family is the new Life Pouring Cream which has now migrated from a plastic bottle to the 500ml Tetra Pak format. This will allow for extended shelf life for the consumer.

Prodairy have also collaborated with Clean Marondera, a community-based volunteer organisation that operates in Marondera. Clean Marondera collects packaging and makes bags, hats, and office bins from the Revive and Life packaging. Over the past year, Prodairy have been using recycled bags for executive hampers and has purchased over 260 bags as its contribution to the initiative. It has also distributed the office bins in its offices which are made use of daily.

In continued efforts to reduce the carbon footprint, the recent Prodairy plant expansion included delivery of new machinery. This came packed in wood packaging to safeguard the machine during transportation. The packaging was later transformed into canteen tables and garden tables which staff enjoy eating their lunch from every day.

One of the Prodairy sustainable development goals relates to Responsible Consumption and Production. To this end, the business has initiated the installation of flow meters in the Prodairy plant in order to enhance their resources consumption monitoring.


Our People

As the Company grows, Prodairy plays its part in the creation of employment opportunities that are inclusive. Its growth has resulted in a 31% increase in its workforce year on year. Prodairy remains committed to closing the gender gap in the manufacturing sector by ensuring that it develops a gender-balanced workforce while also seeking to empower female staff through various opportunities that expose and build on their skill set.

Prodairy Soccer Team

Prodairy Soccer Team

Number of Employees crossing each Milestone in F2023

Prodairy appreciates the effort, dedication, and loyalty of its workforce to help build the Prodairy brand over the years.

First row from left to right: Tazvitya Mudondo, Revai Dzamatira &
Tendai Tapatapa. Second row from left to right: Livingstone Tsaha,
Dennis Chikukutu, Edgar Zembe, Kasina Musekwa, Collen Korai,
Courage Chichowe, Tawanda Chibika & Walter Madondo
First row from left to right: Tazvitya Mudondo, Revai Dzamatira & Tendai Tapatapa. Second row from left to right: Livingstone Tsaha, Dennis Chikukutu, Edgar Zembe, Kasina Musekwa, Collen Korai, Courage Chichowe, Tawanda Chibika & Walter Madondo

Prodairy has also boosted staff morale through the support of the employees’ Prodairy football club. The football club plays in the Harare Marketers League and is currently sitting in the 6th position out of 16 teams.

The Company also observed Cancer Awareness Week. The women in the organisation were afforded the opportunity to attend workshops on awareness and the impact of breast cancer.


Head Count June 2023

Prodairy is currently operating with 568 employees, of which 18% of the total workforce is women as depicted in the table below. 82% of the workforce are contract workers with 18% in permanent employment. In addition, a total of 1 543 casual staff were hired during F2023, providing job opportunities for unskilled workers.