Colcom Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability

Colcom values its customers and its continuous aim is to improve the lives of ordinary Zimbabweans in meaningful and valuable ways.

Strategic Approach

At Colcom we remain focused on providing our customers with quality, competitively-priced fresh pork and processed meat products, a strategic approach supported by vertical integration from our best-in-class farms and solid manufacturing practices.

Our continued focus on growing the market for pork consumption ensures job security for our employees and provides a multitude of business opportunities within the community, creating an affinity between Colcom and its stakeholders.


Corporate Social Responsibility

As a food manufacturer, providing nutrition to vulnerable members of our community remains our sphere of focus in CSR, and we are committed to providing 1 270 meals a week to selected charitable organisations.

Colcom also plays its part in wildlife conservation by donating annually to the Tikki Hywood Foundation, a non-profit, wildlife-orientated organisation which strives to bring recognition, awareness and sustainable conservation to lesser-known endangered species, such as the Pangolin. Through the partnership with Spar, Colcom Foods ran the national Plant a Tree campaign.


Business Awards

In 2022 Colcom took part in the Marketing Association of Zimbabwe (MAZ) Superbrands awards and was voted a 1st runner up in the FMCG Meat Sector.