Colcom Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability

Colcom values its customers and its continuous aim is to improve the lives of ordinary Zimbabweans in meaningful and valuable ways.


At Colcom, we continue to assist in empowering the communities that we operate in through multiple initiatives that improve the livelihoods of vulnerable stakeholders.


Sustainable Pig Production

Sustainability is a pivotal aspect of our business and investment strategy and we aim to use best business practices to meet and balance the needs of our current and future stakeholders.

The growing environmental and social concerns worldwide, shifted our focus from the traditional financial expectations, to corporate sustainability and responsibility.

In our day-to-day activities, we endeavour to produce, sell and distribute goods whose production, distribution, use and disposal does not harm the environment.

Triple C farm uses pigs with improved genetics which produces more piglets per sow, thus reducing the need to keep large herds and therefore, saving on feed, water and energy. In terms of waste management Triple C farm uses lagoons for holding the effluent from the pigsties. Before the effluent is directed into the lagoons, it is pre-treated whereby, the solid material in the effluent is removed and bagged as manure. The manure is collected by local farmers for use as organic fertilizers on their farms, thus replacing the use of chemical fertilizers which are harmful to the environment, and a modern day challenge. The effluent that finds its way into the lagoons follows the 3 pond system/waste stabilisation technique. It is naturally treated and effluent in the final pond is used for irrigation, thus reducing the use of fresh water.

Meat hi res

It is part of the organisation’s culture to return to use, materials that are still reusable and avoid discarding into the environment, thus ensuring environmental protection and production cost savings. This includes returning of used feed empty bags into the production cycle. Within the farm perimeter, we have land preserved for wildlife which remains undisturbed by development activities. Within this land, vegetation is protected from internal and outside poachers. Wildlife is also preserved with wild bucks using the area as habitat.

We are committed to sustainability and continuously work on improving our practices from farm to table.

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