Colcom Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability

Colcom values its customers and its continuous aim is to improve the lives of ordinary Zimbabweans in meaningful and valuable ways.


For the last 75 years, Colcom Foods has contributed to the community in which it operates in a number of ways. Colcom values its customers and its continuous aim is to improve the lives of ordinary Zimbabweans in meaningful and valuable ways. The business acknowledges that its success is based in part on its history of investing in the success and sustainability of the communities it serves.

Colcom offers assistance to registered charitable organisations in Zimbabwe that touch the lives of a number of disadvantaged people in our society. Colcom’s contributions add to the lives of the elderly, the infirm and orphaned children. Colcom provides at least 1,000 meals every week towards these worthy initiatives. The business also contributes to charities focusing on animal support and welfare.

Colcom Staff Investment

Colcom employs close to 1,200 people, all of whom are beneficiaries of a Staff Wellness Programme. Colcom is an active member of the Business Council for Sustainable Development Zimbabwe.

Colcom Community Sustainability Programmes

Rose of Sharon

Rose of Sharon Welfare for Children is a registered private voluntary organisation that provides shelter, food, education and health care, social amenities and recreation to needy orphans. Through this institution, Colcom has been reaching out to children from all walks of life. These are children who have been abandoned and dumped on the streets or orphaned, with no extended family to provide care. Often, some of these children end up forming child- headed families who require assistance in order to make ends meet.

Colcom strives to provide the organisation with delicious meats to nourish the children of this organisation through weekly donations facilitated through our Colcom Shop at Coventry Road.

Shearly Cripps

Shearly Cripps Children’s Home is an orphanage run by the Anglican Church of the Province of Central Africa. Colcom facilitates the delivery of delicious meats to nourish the children from this organisation through weekly donations that add to their regular meals.

Assisting Old Aged Homes

Our relationships with old aged homes include; Athol Evans Hospital Home, Flower Foundation Blue Kerry Retirement Home, BS Leon Trust, Fairways Home For the Aged, Flame Lily Trust, Malvern House Trust (Mvurwi), Memorable Order of Tin Hats (MOTHS), Nazareth House, Pleasant Ways, RESCU Sheltered Employment and Waterfalls Old People’s Home. Colcom has consistently supplied these charitable organisations with cooked and glazed hams for their Christmas dinners.

Animal rescue charities

Vets for Animal Welfare Zimbabwe (VAWZ) focus on rural and underprivileged areas of Zimbabwe. They provide free medical care for animals, of which rabies vaccinations and sterilization is of particular importance. Colcom consistently contributes to VAWZ fundraising efforts with our frozen and canned petfood in order for them to keep this free vaccination program going.

The Society of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) is the oldest animal welfare organization in Zimbabwe. Their main role is to provide a safe sanctuary and care for animals whilst endeavoring to educate the populace about animal care to prevent ill-treatment and cruelty to animals and promote sterilisation. Colcom has supported the organisation's bid to prevent ill-treatment and cruelty to animals by donating pet food and supporting the charitable organisations fund raising events.


With Love Foundation and St Catherine’s School

Established in July 2017, the Colcom Social Golf Day is a platform for networking between industry captains in a social and relaxed environment. The Colcom Social Golf Day seeks to create and maximise Business to Business synergies with the objective of enjoying long-term, mutually beneficial business relationships. Proceeds from fees raised from this initiative are channelled to a charity organisation and to date With Love Foundation and St Catherine’s School have received support.

With Love Foundation (WLF) is a non-profit community engagement organisation that works with urban communities that are not ordinarily targeted by humanitarian organisations. WLF runs a Soup Kitchen Project which is currently the flagship project of the organisation.

To date, WLF has sustained itself through fundraising activities, ad-hoc support from corporate entities, local philanthropists and volunteers donating their time to the organisation. WLF has at its core two main pillars being; provision of food to targeted disadvantaged groups and life skills training for selected individuals.

Colcom also sponsored St. Catherine’s School with cooked and glazed hams. St Catherine’s School in Eastlea, Harare, Zimbabwe is for girls and boys aged five to eighteen with learning difficulties. The aim of the school is to provide the highest possible standards of comfort, care, education and training for special children, some of whom are orphaned, and some coming from poor socio-economic backgrounds.


St John’s College Pipe Band

Colcom has been sponsoring the St John’s College Pipe Band for two years. The St John’s School Pipe Band was formed in the 1990s and is today an important part of the life of the school, playing at sporting and cultural events as well as at other wide range of events within the school and across Harare. We are proud, that we have been able to contribute to the St John’s College Pipe Band's success at winning the World Championships in Piping and Drumming Competition in Glasgow, Scotland in August 2018.


Donation to Cyclone Idai Relief Fund

Colcom rose to the call to assist when the people of Chimanimani were severely affected by Cyclone Idai. To alleviate the plight of those affected by the cyclone, Colcom donated 3 tonnes of canned meats.

Cyclone Idai Donations

3 Tons Canned Meat

Assisted the people of Chimanimani that were severely affected by Cyclone Idai.

Ballantyne Park Conservancy

Ballantyne Park Conservancy is an important contributor as a wetland area to Harare’s water supply. It is community-owned and run. Colcom contributes on a regular basis to the Park’s committee fundraising efforts to ensure that park facilities are kept in order and are available absolutely free to all residents to enjoy. As a result of these efforts, the natural beauty of the Park is for the enjoyment for all, and a new children’s playground area was built.



Colcom’s relationship with the Zimbabwe Nomad's started in 2010 when Colcom became a silver sponsor for this prestigious golf organisation. Zimbabwe Nomad's golf was first established in 1960. As its members were drawn from various clubs and played their regular competitions on a variety of different courses. Colcom’s sponsorship provides a platform for Nomad's to extend their social responsibility programs to a wide range of beneficiaries.

Colcom Pie Line developed for mass market

In August 2015 Colcom commissioned a new, largely automated plant to replace its previous aged and inefficient plant. This was done to increase production capacity, to enable Colcom to meet the increase in the market demand for an easy to consume source of protein, as well to ensure product affordability. Since then, the production of Colcom Pies, has trebled.

Colcom Pies Production Trebled