Sustainability within Irvine's


Irvine’s is Zimbabwe’s leading poultry producer producing broiler day old chicks table eggs and processed chicken.

The chicken processing plant, the egg grading plant as well as the feed mill are all located at the Irvine’s Derbyshire Farm.

Key Sustainability Highlights

Water Recycling Project

Irvine’s embarked on a water recycling project to mitigate against drought and also reduce the amount of water used. The project will be completed in 5 phases and is expected to be completed by 2025.

Livestock Development Programme

Irvine’s provided 12 poultry demonstration houses, complete with equipment, the first batch of chicks and the necessary feed. The intention is for the beneficiaries to then sell these chickens and use the proceeds to purchase the next batch. The on-site training for poultry producers has also been extended to radio programs.


Small Scale Poultry Farmers

The company implemented free training in rural areas on best poultry farming methods and these farmers achieved results of 95% success rate, which equates to a commercial grower in the region. Irvine’s prides itself in contributing towards the local empowerment of poultry farmers in Zimbabwe.

Contract Grower Program

As part of its out-grower programme, Irvine’s has 26 independent farmers who supply 100% of chickens processed at Irvine’s processing plant.

Animal Welfare

Irvine’s gives animal welfare high priority by following best practice standards. All team members are trained using Irvine’s comprehensive animal welfare manual to ensure that animals are handled correctly at all times.


Key annual environmental data for Irvine’s