Sustainability within Irvine's


Irvine’s is Zimbabwe’s leading poultry producer and is one of the largest producers of broiler day old chicks in the country. A chicken processing plant and egg plant as well as feed mill, are all located at Derbyshire Farm. Irvine’s is one of Zimbabwe’s largest table egg producers.

Key sustainability highlights

  • Irvine’s has embarked on a water recycling project to mitigate against drought and to reduce any environmental pollution. The project will run in five phases over the next three years. Phase 1 is in progress and involves the procurement and installation of coarse and fine screens. This phase should be commissioned in the first quarter of 2022.
  • Irvine’s has water treatment plants to aid in reducing the water usage at its facilities.
  • As part of its outgrower programme, Irvine’s has 26 independent farmers who supply its processing plant with birds for slaughter.
  • Through the sales of its day old chicks, Irvine’s improves the lives of over 40 000 families, who have embarked on small scale chicken farming projects. These small scale farmers buy on average 100 chicks and benefit from Irvine’s after-sales support and poultry management training programs.
  • 65% of Irvine’s employees are permanently employed, highlighting the Company’s commitment and investment in its staff.
  • Irvine’s runs a clinic and primary school for its employees and their families at its two farms providing health and education facilities within reach. The two clinics treated 6 260 staff over the year as well as 4 418 employees’ family members.
  • Irvine’s works with a women’s cooperative by providing support in making protective clothing items for team members and repairing torn protective clothing.
  • Improved specific electricity latter part of the year.

Key annual data for Irvine’s

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