Mafuro Farming Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability

Mafuro Farming is an innovative dairy farming venture, developing new sustainable farming practices.

Strategic Approach

The company runs on a pasture-based system, growing perennial pastures, legumes and cereals and thus producing most of its animal feed on-farm.

Having been incorporated in December 2017, the business started its operations in August 2018. The company’s first dairy development was a partnership with the Government of Zimbabwe at Grasslands Research Institute, Marondera and, within six months of commencing operations, Mafuro Farming was producing and selling milk on a commercial scale. The company went on to expand its operations at a second state farm, also in Marondera.


Local Community Involvement

Pasture Field Day
In its on-going effort to uplift communities, Mafuro Farming hosted a Pasture Field Day in May 2022, its aim being to demonstrate the company’s pasture-based system to small and large-scale dairy farmers. Believed to be the most sustainable and cost-effective model in dairy production currently available to farmers, the field day was attended by 450 people from Government ministries, the banking sector, the media, farmers’ unions and associations and suppliers of farming equipment, inputs, and veterinary products, as well as small-scale, large- scale and prospective dairy farmers, local parliamentarians, chiefs and headmen.

Our People

With a view to uplifting livelihoods in the areas surrounding its operations, Mafuro aims to recruit workers from the local community, with 57 percent of the workforce currently employed from the area.

Although still a young company, 13 members of staff who have been with the company since its inception, received awards as a recognition of their loyalty.