Paperhole Investments (Private) Limited (PHI), was established in 2008 as a joint venture between Intergrain and Innscor Africa Limited. The company has grown to be a successful, competitive regional commodity broker, and is responsible for the procurement and logistical management the Group’s grain requirements.

Corporate & Contract Farming - The company has diversified its trading-oriented interests into primary agriculture, with the establishment of corporate and contract farming operations through the “PHI Farming” division, as well as entering into several strategic joint ventures. The Group has undertaken significant investment into irrigated maize, wheat and soya bean production, with an estimated 2 000 hectares in production under corporate farming, and a further 15 000 hectares under contract farming.

Maize, wheat and soyabeans are critical raw materials that sustain the Group’s milling, baking, protein and oil expressing operations and further investment into these essential cropping lines remain a crucial focus. Further, PHI Farming is now a major local producer of table potatoes for wholesale, retail and the quick- service restaurant markets, and has diversified into seed potato production in the Eastern Highlands.

PHI Contracting - This division contracts commercial and selected small scale farming schemes to grow maize and soya beans in the summer and wheat in the winter.Thedivisionwillcontractupto15000hectares of summer crops in the 2020/2021 summer season and recently funded the growth of 3 000 hectares of winter wheat during the 2020 season.


PHI Horticulture - is growing an array of specialised horticultural products for export and local consumption. The company has also successfully diversified into cherry peppers, chillies, peas, passion fruit and raspberries all destined for international export markets. The current focus is on large-scale blueberry production for export; with 25 hectares in mature production, the focus shifts to expanding the operation that will see a total blueberry production of 43 hectares by the end of December 2021.

During 2020, the horticulture operation produced 40 hectares of sugar snap and mangetout peas for export, and in the process created over two hundred seasonal jobs within the Marondera peri- urban area, and in doing so supported the Group’s sustainable practices through providing equal- employment opportunities for women.

PHI Transport - provides road and rail capabilities to assist in meeting the Group’s considerable demand for regional and local logistics.


PHI Fertiliser - PHI has strategically partnered with Profeeds to procure fertiliser “straights” and manufacture an array of specialised blends under the “Nutrimaster” brand. The product will be made available to the direct PHI farmer base while being distributed countrywide via the Profarmer retail channels.

Empowering Communities - PHI is committed to the upliftment, growth and protection of the surrounding communities in which it operates.

The Group strives to make a positive impact through ensuring all employees have access to clean water, housing, electricity, healthcare and schooling while extending access to primary, pre and antenatal health care facilities for the broader communities in which the operations are situated. Various joint venture initiatives, with appropriate ministerial approval, continue to provide a livelihood to land beneficiaries through empowerment and strategic training initiatives, and the provision of necessary funding for continued investment into the land.