PHI Hero

The division also has an extensive cattle buyer network in outlying areas facilitating a cost-effective route to market for rural cattle producers direct to the abattoir and from there into wholesale outlets into Harare. PHI Livestock has become a major supplier of beef in the country.

In conjunction with World Vision, PHI has also established two Cattle Business Centres in the Dotito and Mayo communal areas bringing much needed assistance and infrastructure to those areas in support of animal husbandry.

PHI Contracting

Through its dedicated contract farming entity, Agrowth Farming (Private) Limited, PHI has extended its planned hectarage to 20 000 ha for the 2021/22 summer season, having successfully managed the recent summer season comprising maize, soya, and sugar beans. There is currently 5 000 hectares of winter wheat in the ground and harvesting has commenced at the time of writing.

PHI continues its focus of empowering farmers and expanding local production to reduce reliance on imported commodities.

PHI Farming

PHI continues to expand its direct farming operations through a combination of organic growth where a further two farms have been brought into commercial production with an additional 600 ha of irrigation, as well as investing into an existing row crop operation, adding a further 1 200 ha under irrigation.

These expansions create much needed employment in their areas of operation.

The recently established seed potato production unit has yielded its first commercial seed crop, and this will greatly assist in the Group’s drive for import substitution.