Probottlers Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability

Probottlers’ Retail & Wholesale Channel Developments

The formal market covering the wholesale and retail chains has continued to evolve considerably this year, especially in the beverage category.

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Women at Probottlers

In the beverage manufacturing industry, where the participation of women is in the minority, Probottlers has endeavoured to push the boundaries that foster gender stereotypes in the workplace. We believe that a diverse, dynamic and inclusive team is necessary to allow for women to contribute to society. As a progressive team, Probottlers continues to deliberately recruit and develop women in our business, negating the norm that the manufacturing industry is for men.

Probottlers Food Safety Certification & Environmental Management

Probottlers is in the early stages of developing a roadmap towards development and implementation of structures required for certification to the standard ISO 22000: 2018 Food Safety Management System Certification. We have identified and implemented relevant prerequisite programmes that ensure that our products are manufactured in a hygienic manner, strict quality and food safety principles are applied during processing of all our products

The company has a vibrant environmental management system that ensures minimum damage to the environment that it operates in, and currently has strategies to address post-consumer environmental impacts of the packaging associated with its products.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Probottlers championed a number of activities and supported public and private partnerships through non-profit organisations.

Key initiatives undertaken include sponsoring Ruwa Football Club by providing for their seasonal budgetary requirements, equipment, and soccer kits. Probottlers’ involvement has created an increased awareness and excitement within the Ruwa community, enabling the nurturing of talent and ensuring the existence of a platform for the youth in the community to pursue their dreams in the sporting arena.

The business also provides support to various children’s homes, through provision of meals and other budgetary support initiatives.

The business supports the Victoria Falls Anti- Poaching Trust. The Victoria Falls Anti-Poaching Unit (VFAPU), a non-profit organisation dedicated to the conservation of our local wildlife and natural resources. VFAPU protects the wildlife and habitat from poacher pressure (subsistence and commercial), as well rescuing and rehabilitating animals injured by human interference. Additionally, VFAPU trains ex-poachers in new skills so they find alternative avenues of revenue creation to give them a sustainable income without doing harm to flora and fauna. VFAPU and its partners reach children at an early age through school and community awareness programs.

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