Probottlers Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Probottlers has in the last year partnered with business owners in the Domboshava and Epworth communities by way of Fizzi Hubs, where business structures have been renovated and improved in order to not only create brand awareness, but to also improve the aesthetic surroundings of the communities in which the Fizzi brand is consumed.

These units have become trading hubs for community members and have assisted in the growth of incomes from economic activities conducted. Over 500 families have been positively impacted by the hubs.

Probottlers is active and passionate about giving back to the community through partnerships with numerous organisations that support vulnerable children, and the elderly.

The Company has collaborated with The National Blood Drive Campaign by giving them refreshments throughout the country to use in their blood drive campaigns. Bally House cordials are provided for these camps and used as much-needed refreshments.

Probottlers have also partnered with MOBI Soup Kitchen as part of Corporate Social Responsibility programmes. Probottlers donates cases of Fizzi 500ml to assist in the weekly feeding programme. Over 2 000 children under the age of 15 benefit monthly from this initiative. The Probottlers team has also dedicated its team to assist in the provision of services with the MOBI Soup Kitchen team as they serve the children.

Flame Lily and Westreign Retirement Homes have 120 elderly people living in their homes. Probottlers provide monthly donations of 20 cases of Bally House for their refreshments.

Tag Rugby Trust is an organisation that helps to build the future of Zimbabwean children in the communities through rugby at the grass-roots level. Probottlers donates Fizzi drinks for the weekly games. Over 500 children benefit from this initiative every month.

Probottlers have also taken the initiative of career guidance by having some schools come in for the plant tours. St Johns College visited the plant with 15 students who had interests in different work areas within the organisation.

Probottlers has also continued its involvement in different initiatives, by working together with Hellenic School in the Zimstock fundraising, Husqvarna Mud Run, and SPAR Zimbabwe Rainbow Run whose proceeds go towards various organisations such as Zimbabwe Cricket, Round Table, Miracle Missions and Orate Africa.


Our People

Probottlers is currently operating with 252 employees, of which 41 are permanent and 211 on a contract basis. 22 people attended different training programs during the year.

Probottlers Soccer Team
Probottlers Soccer Team

As a staff wellness programme, Probottlers has a football club.

The Company also observed Cancer Awareness Week. All the staff members had an opportunity to attend workshops on awareness and the impact of breast and prostate cancer.

The Probottlers staff clinic managed to attend to 103 clinic visits from employees during the year.

Number of Employees crossing each Milestone in F2023

The company has two employees who have been with the organisation for 10 years, Tinashe Nyatsanza and Joseph Ncube.

Left to right: Tinashe Nyatsanza, Trish Change
and Joseph Ncube
Left to right: Tinashe Nyatsanza, Trish Change and Joseph Ncube

Ruwa Staff Medical Clinic

In January 2023, the Probottlers business opened its staff clinic doors. The opening of the clinic and the provision of near-site services has enabled the Probottlers staff to gain easy access to medical, counselling and as well as overall employee wellness services. The clinic has managed to attend to over 100 medical, counselling and wellness requirements.

Fizzi Hub in Hatcliffe
Fizzi Hub in Hatcliffe