Bakers Inn are committed to strengthening the communities at large.

Our Strategic Approach

Baker’s Inn Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives continue to enhance the welfare and livelihoods within our communities through support to schools, orphanages, support to people with disabilities and senior citizen’s homes.

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“I AM Baker’s Inn” Programme

Baker’s Inn initiated the “I AM Baker’s Inn” programme as a critical management tool aimed to foster a culture of citizen service in employees and to encourage the value of teamwork. To give impetus to these critical objectives, projects with meaningful and sustainable impact in communities where the company operates were supported through the “I AM Baker’s Inn” campaign. The project was designed to ensure the transfer of useful life skills in employees to communities, and to strengthen our relationships with all stakeholders we deal with.

Baker’s Inn in the Community

Baker’s Inn extended retooling support to Jairos Jiri Association’s Glen Eagles Farm in Budiriro, Harare and at Percy Ibbotson Remand Home and Hostel in Bulawayo.

  • For more than 60 years Jairos Jiri has created places of hope for people with disabilities where they can learn and train to be respected, and independent members of our society.
  • Percy Ibbotson Remand Home and Hostel is a reformatory for juveniles situated southeast of Luveve, close to Jairos Jiri Training Centre in Bulawayo.

To allow the centres to be self-sufficient and raise funds through the sale of vegetables and chickens, Baker’s Inn provided:
1. 3 x 5 000 litre water tanks;
2. 4.5Kva diesel generator;
3. Greenhouse Drip Irrigation system;
4. Wheelbarrows, field tools and equipment;
5. Vegetable seeds, fertilisers, and chemicals;
6. Vegetable crates, and;
7. Broiler chicks and feed.

In addition to the above financial support the company ran an employee volunteer programme where staff visited the two centres on selected days to offer their labour in land preparation as well as weeding, to supplement the very limited labour resources at the centres whilst at the same time fostering a strong sense of brand loyalty, team spirit and satisfaction in our staff. Through our support, the centres were able to increase their tillage capacity in 2021.

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Automated Bakery Operations

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Greenhouse Drip irrigation - Glen Eagles Farm (Jairos Jiri)

Baker’s Inn in the Community Baker’s Inn brings Cheers to Children’s Home

Baker’s Inn is proud to have supported Shungu Dzevana Children’s Home in Hatfield, Harare, as part of the commitment made through the “I AM Baker’s Inn” community programmes to uplift the lives of the communities in which we operate.

The Shungu Dzevana Trust Children’s Home was established in 1992 to provide residential care for orphaned and vulnerable children in home-like settings. It also reintegrates children within the communities through identification of foster families and adoption parents.

Long Service Awards at Baker’s Inn in 2021

Baker’s Inn recognises the long-service commitment of its employees who provide the following benefits to the organisation:

  1. Retention of valued expertise; Organisational stability and lower staff turnover;
  2. The creation of a positive and supportive work environment; and
  3. The identification of role models and the opportunity to affirm a sense of community and shared purpose.
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