Sustainability within Colcom


Colcom is Zimbabwe’s leading pork producer and has its abattoir and factory at the Colcom Complex in Harare. Triple C Pigs is headquartered in Norton at Grasmere Farm and has four other farms situated in various locations around the country which raise pigs for Colcom.

Key sustainability highlights

  • Employs over 1 200 staff at the Colcom Complex in Harare as well as at the farms at Triple C Pigs and the four other managed farms.
  • Provides education and health care for its employees’ dependents working on the farms.
  • Developing a waste management plan, which emphasises Colcom’s commitment to the 4 R’s (Reduce, Re-use, Recycle and Recover), the zero waste philosophy and Best Environmental Option (BEO) approach to managing waste with the safe and responsible disposal of residual waste is recommended. This includes chain of custody being implemented to ensure safe disposal of waste.
  • Policy implementation to move over to more efficient refrigeration systems to reduce electricity consumption.
  • Improvements to the effluent treatment system are being investigated to ensure compliance with the Harare City by-laws..

Key annual data for Colcom

Colcom Staff