Probrands Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability

Probrands prides itself on being market leaders in packaging technology and design for their key value items in the Fast Moving Consumer Goods Market.

Strategic Approach

Probrands is the market leader in packaging technology and design for key value items in the Fast- Moving Consumer Goods Market.
Corporate Social Responsibility
Probrands actively partners with the The MobiKitchen, one of the first mobile soup kitchens in the country, which provides nutritional support to vulnerable women and children in various communities.

Through this partnership, Probrands products have assisted in ensuring that over 10 000 children are nourished and fed in Harare alone.

With its CSR focus still firmly on the vulnerable in society, Probrands also has an active partnership with the Lynde Francis Trust which aims to offer support and income generating opportunities to women and youth. The Trust offers skills training in art and craft, information, encouragement and, where possible, resources in a bid to uplift underprivileged members of the community. Probrands’ partnership with the Trust has meant that it can also provide nutrition to the community members it helps, resulting in over 3 000 individuals fed on a more regular basis.


Our People

Probrands workforce for the just ended financial year had 192 employees with 22% of the total workforce being women (an increase of 19 additional women being employed from prior year) as depicted in the table (right):


Irvine’s runs a clinic and primary school for its employees and their families at its two farms providing health and education facilities within reach. The two clinics treated 9 584 staff over the year as well as 2 134 employees’ family members.

Irvine’s works with a women’s cooperative providing income generating projects.

In partnership with Global Fund, two new projects are underway where housing for 10 000 birds is being constructed – one in the Nyadire area, west of Mutoko, 140km east of Harare and the other in the Mutasa District north of Mutare in eastern Zimbabwe. These houses will be equipped and rear birds for the benefit of the communities.