Probrands Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability

Investment into new Technology

Probrands expanded its condiments portfolio during the year under the Ideal range, through an investment into peanut butter manufacturing.


This new product line will enable Probrands to grow volumes under the condiments and sauces category where the business has achieved an encouraging share of the market.

Inclusion of women in the workforce over the financial year

Probrands prides itself on offering equal opportunities for employment and has shown an encouraging improvement in the number of women employed across the total Probrands’ workforce, with 40% of management staff being represented by women. The business continues to ensure progressive measures are in place to ensure inclusivity and diversity in the workplace.

Providing training opportunities for the youth through attachments and our graduate trainee programme.

Training programs for youths feed into all departments across the business. The trainees acquire practical skills and experience throughout the course of the programs. We also afford opportunities for re-engagements of trainees after finishing their studies and we are proud to say that the organisation has re- engaged three trainees as artisans in 2021.

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Corporate Social Responsibility

Probrands is sponsoring two University of Zimbabwe students through their degree programmes. This sponsorship involves paying for their tuition fees and upkeep.

Probrands Food Safety Management Initiatives

Probrands has initiated the development and implementation of our Food safety management system based on the ISO 22000: 2018 standard. This comes as a fulfilment to the consistent provision of high quality products so as to meet our customer demands and expectations. Certification to the ISO 22000: 2018 is expected to be achieved by December 2022.


Prevention of environmental pollution has been part of Probrands goals and have engaged Environmental Management Agency (EMA) registered contractors who manages our waste and recycling activities as an initiative to achieve a circular economy.


Probrands Factory Team - Sauces and Condiments

Probrands sponsorship of the Husqvarna Mud Run

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