Probrands Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Through various public-private partnerships and through non-profit organisations, Probrands has played its part in assisting in national challenges around child welfare, while building the next generation through sports, arts and culture, and national blood drives.

Probrands is proud to be associated with the National Blood Services in the blood drive campaigns. The staff has understood the importance of blood donations and looks forward to these camps every quarter and their contribution to the national blood bank.

The MOBI Soup Kitchen is an initiative that aims to reduce hunger and poverty in women and children, with a focus on food and nutrition. The MOBI Soup Kitchen currently visits two major squatter camps in Hatcliffe each week, initially visiting the same communities in order to build up the important relationships required for effecting change. With the assistance of Probrands, over 500 children look forward to these meals every Saturday afternoon. Probrands donates rice and mealie meals to assist in the feeding of over 2 000 children monthly under the age of 15 years.

Probrands also has collaborated with Lynde Francis Trust in donations of rice and sugar beans to over 300 vulnerable families in Mbare, Tafara, and Chitungwiza each month. Most of these people are either HIV positive, or with physical disabilities, and some are part of various support groups.

Flame Lily and Westreign Retirement Homes look after more than 120 elderly and the Company works with them to provide meals for them. Every month, Probrands supplies sugar beans which assists in providing a nutritious meal.

The business also continued to support different initiatives, by working together with Hellenic School in the Zimstock fundraising, Husqvarna Mud Run, and SPAR Zimbabwe Rainbow Run whose proceeds go towards various organisations.


During F2023, Probrands provided invaluable support to several groups through product drink donations and other support, which included the following:


Our People

Probrands has a workforce of 153 employees with 23% of the total workforce being women as depicted in the table below:


Probrands’ women observed Breast Cancer Week with the women attending an awareness programme at Ruwa Golf Club. The highlights of the workshop were raising awareness and stigma as well as detection and care when one is diagnosed with breast cancer.

Number of Employees crossing each Milestone in F2023

Left to right: Never Nyagunyu, Tatenda Nhira & Noel Rorry
Left to right: Never Nyagunyu, Tatenda Nhira & Noel Rorry

Ruwa Staff Medical Clinic

In January 2023, the Probrands business opened its staff clinic. The opening of the clinic and the provision of near-site services has enabled the Probrands staff to gain easy access to medical, counselling and as well as overall employee wellness services. The clinic has managed to attend to over 150 medical, counselling and wellness requirements.


To ensure sustainable waste management, Probrands has put in place colour-coded bins to allow for waste to be separated within the processing environments as well as exterior parts of the plants. The bins are used to dispose of waste coming from the operations according to the type.

Card box waste generated is also re-used to make layer pads as well as product case pads, which help to reduce the amount of card box waste generated. In addition to the above brick makers in the area, collect coal ash for reuse in their production process. This assists in responsible disposal of an otherwise environmentally unfriendly byproduct of the Probrands production process.

For the final management of the waste at the designated waste holding areas, Probrands works with a local service provider who does the final sorting and packing of the waste according to its types awaiting recycling through local enterprises or disposal.

Plastic and cardboard waste is collected by the selected local enterprises for recycling while the non-recyclable waste is disposed of at the Ruwa dumpsite.

Probrands extends itself as the homemaker’s brand of choice by ensuring that the Company looks after the furry members of the family. Any generated organic waste from our canteens is collected for reuse as pet food.