Sustainability within Baker's Inn


Baker’s Inn specialises in freshly baked bread out of bakeries in Harare and Bulawayo, from which the division distributes its freshly baked loaves nationwide, using Baker’s Inn Logistics trucks. The bakery produces four types of loaves: Premium High Energy Brown, Premium Low GI Seed Loaf, Premium Soft White and Premium Whole Grain Loaf. At both bakeries, 80% of the bread baked is the Premium Soft White bread.

Key sustainability highlights

  • New equipment has been installed at the Harare bakery, which has increased capacity and improved quality control.
  • Plans to expand the Bulawayo factory are currently being considered. This will improve product efficiency and create new employment opportunities.
  • Water management plans are being developed for both the Harare and Bulawayo bakeries.
  • Baker’s Inn employs 1 443 staff at its Harare and Bulawayo bakeries, providing economic stability to them and their families.
  • The bakeries distribute off-specification bread to orphanages, old people’s home, disability centres and prisons as part of their social responsibility activities.

Key annual data for Baker’s Inn