Associated Meat Packers (AMP) Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability

AMP over the years has partnered with various stakeholders in the community in which it operates and has impacted and supported the livelihoods of everyday Zimbabweans who help build the AMP brand.


AMP takes great pride in the various Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives that make a meaningful impact to the underprivileged and vulnerable stakeholders in the communities in which we operate.


AMP Retail Development - Opening of Texas Meat Market, Masvingo

AMP Retail Developments

AMP opened 5 new stores in 2021; 2 of which fell under the Texas Meats format, one of each in the Texas Chicken and Texas Meat Market formats, as well as the new Texas Dairy outlet - which offers every category of dairy produce out of the branch at Coventry Road Harare, and delivers a fresh, exciting retail experience for local residents.

The other retail developments (Texas Meats, Texas Meat Market and Texas Chicken) helped to improve customer accessibility and convenience for communities in and around Mabelreign, Machipisa, Seke Road in Harare and Masvingo. These Harare stores, were opened in response to the movement limitations (to the CBD store locations), following the necessary health precautions imposed by lockdowns during the year. Although the business experienced a noticeable increase in online shopping through the Butcher Box App, these new outlets showcase the business’s success in navigating through business-unusual-times, as well as bringing more of our brands to the people.

Women at AMP

While AMP made remarkable efforts in expanding its retail footprint, it also celebrated building capability through providing opportunities for inclusion. Abattoir management and protein processing has traditionally been a male dominated field given the unique conditions of the profession. However in recent years, steady progress has been achieved at AMP to drive more women in the workplace, and women represent 22% of the total workforce.

AMP Food Safety Certification

The AMP Factory received FSSC 22000 Food Safety Management Certification after the close of the financial year.

FSSC 22000 incorporates ISO 22000 of 2018 and ISO 22000 of 2009 management systems with sector specific prerequisite programmes and additional FSSC 22000 requirements.

The award cements AMP’s commitment to provide customers and consumers with quality meat that is processed from a factory that meets global safety, hygiene and quality standard and requirements.

Amp Masvingo
Pie Chart
AMP Awards

Corporate Social Responsibility

Driving sustainable community development, AMP has championed a number of activities and supported public and private partnerships through non-profit organisations that help to address national and global challenges around child welfare, arts and culture, animal conservation, cancer education, and cancer awareness.


The annual support of Chinyaradzo Children’s Home in Highlands, has helped to bring to life, AMP’s vision to nourish families. This long standing commitment has enabled AMP to reach 52 children daily with – each child provided with 3 meals a day.

The business provides similar support to God Miracle Mission, a foster home based in Hatcliffe, Harare, which supports the nutritional needs of up to 30 children at this home on a monthly basis.

In addition to the support of vulnerable children, AMP Group is committed to support the development of local arts and culture, the Group is the principle sponsor of the performing arts students who form the St John’s College Pipe Band in Harare. The Band, who were named 2018 World Champions in Piping and Drumming, often performs at local events as part of their fundraising and practice efforts in preparation for their local and international competitions.

The business also aims to achieve zero waste in its supply chain operations.

In the effort to achieve this goal, AMP frequently donates to animal foundations, shelters, and conversation programmes across the country, such as The Friend Animal Foundation, Tikki Hywood Foundation and SPCA Harare. Not only are the by-products of slicing and processing donated to these non-profit organisations on a monthly basis, AMP employees who feel that they have a personal passion for animals often volunteer their time to also help conserve and care for animals.


Chinyaradzo’s Children’s Home