Sustainability within Natpak


Natpak is one of Zimbabwe’s key plastic packaging manufacturers, who uses state of the art technology and equipment in their manufacturing processes at three factories in Harare. Various sizes of Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) preforms, High Density Polythene (HDPE) bottles and closures for the packaging of beverage, dairy and chemical products are produced at the Rigids division factory. Woven sacks, used, for example, for maize meal, stock feed, grain, seed or fertilizer packaging, are produced at the Sacks factory. The Flexibles factory focuses on primary food packaging such as bread bags, FFS sheeting used in sugar, rice, salt, milk, etc. and pouches used in poultry packaging as well as secondary packaging such as shrink and stretch wrap film and baler bags as well as black sheeting. The printing of the plastic packaging of many of Zimbabwe’s iconic brands takes place at both the Flexibles and Sacks factories, using advanced printing presses.

Key sustainability highlights

  • Natpak has been audited by Coca-Cola for compliance with its Coca-Cola Supplier Guiding Principles and has passed the technical assessment for conditional supplier status.
  • The company aims for zero waste and recycles non-contaminated plastic within its production cycle.
  • Contaminated branded waste packaging is recycled into pellets and reused through production of black sheeting and bin liners.
  • A chipping machine has been installed to crush branded composite plastic waste to chips, which are bought by small enterprises for their plastics moulding companies.
  • The company is migrating to the use of electric forklifts to reduce reliance on fossil fuels and improve air quality at the factories.
  • Management is also giving serious consideration to product stewardship in establishing how best to deal with the waste management of waste by consumers and is actively engaged in seeking solutions in this regard.

Key annual data for Natpak