The Group and its businesses have received a number of industry awards.

Some of our businesses received the following awards during the period

  • Business to Business (B2B) Sector Super Brands - 1st Position Super Brand award – Marketers Association of Zimbabwe
  • Gloria - Consistent Brand - Marketers Association of Zimbabwe (MAZ)
  • Roller Meal - Maize Meal sector Super brand award winner – Marketers Association of Zimbabwe (MAZ)
  • Pearlenta - Maize Meal sector Super brand award 1st Runner Up –
    Marketers Association of Zimbabwe (MAZ)
  • Pearlenta High Fibre - Gold Award in Food Innovation - Africa Food Industry Awards (AFMASS)
  • Manatsa Gaka - 2nd Runner Up Brand Manager of the Year – Business-to-Business (B2B) Brands in Zimbabwe - Marketers Association of Zimbabwe (MAZ) Overall Supplier of the Year Award
    Top 100 Suppliers of the Year


  • Supplier of the Year - TM Pick ‘n’ Pay Awards
  • 11th position Business to Business (B2B) Super brand award winner -
    Marketers Association of Zimbabwe (MAZ)
  • 16th Position Business to consumer category (B2C) Super brand award winner - Marketers Association of Zimbabwe (MAZ)


  • Top 100 Local Brands - Buy Zimbabwe


  • Top 100 local Brands - Buy Zimbabwe
  • Confederations of Retailers Award


  • Buy Zimbabwe Insignia Award - Buy Zimbabwe
  • Corporate Social Responsibility of the Year award - Institute of Public Relations and Communication Zimbabwe Excellence


  • Food Packaging Medal Winners
    Gold Award Star for Africa