Sustainability Achievements


The following are the key sustainability successes within the Group’s businesses:

  • FSSC 22000 Food Safety Management Certification: AMP Meats’ factory received its FSSC22000 certification, which cements AMP’s commitment to providing customers and consumers with quality meat that is processed from a factory that meets global safety, hygiene and quality requirements.
  • The Coca Cola Company Supplier Guiding Principles technical assessment: Natpak has been successfully audited by The Coca Cola Company for compliance with its Coca Cola Supplier Guiding Principles and passed the technical assessment for conditional supplier status.
  • Water consumption: Probottlers managed to reduce overall water consumption by 36% over the last year while Probrands achieved a 59% reduction.
  • Electric forklifts: Natpak is changing from using diesel to electric forklifts in its factories so as to improve the air quality in the work environment.
  • Supplementary solar for refrigeration: AMP Meats has started trials on solar powered refrigeration containers at the AMP Shop with the aim to reduce reliance on electricity.
  • Zero waste philosophy:
    National Foods’ zero waste philosophy continues to be made possible as a result of its cyclonic boilers in Harare and Bulawayo, which recover energy by incinerating waste, such as used plastic sacks, at high temperature to produce the steam required for processing its stockfeed products, and is done in a manner that National Foods’ air emissions are kept within its current green band, as set in its emissions permit.
  • Recycling initiatives: Recycling initiatives at Natpak and Alpha Packaging are a success. Natpak set up a chipping machine to deal with discarded branded plastics, which they cannot recycle internally. The plastic chips are bought by small enterprises and are used for products, such as buckets, dishes, chairs as well as bin liners, black sheeting and car bumpers. Alpha Packaging meanwhile produces egg cartons from 100% waste paper.
  • Outgrower programme: Irvine’s continues its outgrower programme with 26 independent farmers raising all of Irvine’s broilers for processing. This programme supports smaller farmers, therefore contributing to employment and economic upliftment of the community in which Irvine’s operates.
  • Support for local farmers: Profeeds and Nutrimaster continue to provide an agri-solution for all its customers, who are mainly small-scale farmers, by providing training, agricultural and technical support advice to its customers as well as providing a one stop shopping service in the areas they operate. This increases local economy transactions and ultimately encourages local growth.
  • Women’s Projects: The Group continued to support groups which empower women in their local communities.
  • Provision of healthcare: Providence Health continued to support the Group through the provision of healthcare services and recorded visits from employees and from dependents, as well as assisting each business on the management of the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • On-site medical facilities: Through six on-site medical facilities, the Group was able to continue to provide medical care for its employees as well as their dependents. During the reporting year the medical facilities recorded a total of 15 340 visits from employees, while the clinics on the farms recorded 5 957 visits from employees’ dependents.
  • Education: Irvine’s and Colcom provides access to education for employees’ families and local communities through the primary schools located on their farms.