NFL supports over 40 groups of vulnerable communities in 10 Provinces across the country

Strategic Approach

National Foods’ commitment is to feed and nourish the nation on the back of strong brands which have become household names, while at the same time maintaining a critical focus on livestock productivity and welfare via our Stockfeeds division.


Community Social Responsibility (CSR)

National Foods undertakes a broad-based CSR program, supporting underprivileged and vulnerable members of the community with a particular emphasis on children, women, the elderly, as well as animal welfare and conservation initiatives.

Around 50 institutions are provided with regular monthly support, largely in the form of donations of product. Responsible, focused and sustainable corporate citizenry has always been a measure of a thriving business and, in this regard, National Foods is no exception.

The company is passionate about giving back to the communities in which it operates while ensuring that its staff are not left behind.

National Foods had its supplier confirmation certificate for the UN World Food Programme (WFP) renewed after a WFP audit was conducted. National Foods produces a cornsoya blend that is specifically manufactured for the NGOs, including the WFP, who are involved with the national feeding program in rural areas and schools across Zimbabwe.


Community Social Investment

During 2022 National Foods provided invaluable support to three groups of beneficiaries through monthly food donations, which included the following:


Sustainability In Our Business

The business, led by the National Foods Board and Management team, continues to uphold its commitment to sustainability, in line with Zimbabwe Stock Exchange (ZSE) Listing Requirements. The sustainability of our operations is integrated within our business strategy and operational practices, underpinning our commitment to create value for our stakeholders.

Responsible practices and accountability have driven enterprise risk management and value creation, using the dynamic cyclical approach towards continued performance improvement in operations and reporting. Furthermore, with the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange (ZSE) moving to full regulation of sustainability reporting for all listed companies, we strive to be fully compliant and use the internationally accepted reporting framework, Zimbabwe standard ZWS ISO 26000:2010, the international ISO guidance standard adopted by Zimbabwe, to disclose our sustainability performance. This provides the framework to integrate Social Responsibility (“SR”) into the values and practices of the company while communicating the commitment, performance and relevant information on SR, a key component of sustainability. ISO 26000 is used in conjunction with the GRI Standards, as recommended by the ZSE.

As SI 134 of 2019 ZSE Listing Requirements places the responsibility of sustainability on the Board (Section 399), in FY 2023, sustainability governance structures will be put in place with the appointment of an individual board member responsible for sustainability matters. Operational responsibility will cascade downwards to two more levels (the Sustainability Management Committee and Champions) with clear terms of reference.



As testament to our sustained involvement in the community and the markets we serve, National Foods this year received several awards. The accolades received in F2021/2022 are as follows:


Our People

Staff empowerment and growth, particularly for critical staff, remains a key focus area and one of the reasons we continue to drive learning and development for our employees.

As a team we strive to be purposeful, innovative, hardworking, competitive and results-driven, recognising and rewarding our teams when they achieve, and, as such, fostering loyalty and commitment to the Group by our most valuable asset: our people. This year, we joined 40 employees in celebrating the following milestones in terms of service years:

Number of Employees crossing each Milestone in 2022


1Oswell Mhenha (35 years), 2Solomon Mundowa (35 years), 3Rich Ndhlovu (30 years), 4Gift Majede (30 years)