Community Involvement & Development

The Group takes community empowerment and development to be of significant business value in the places we operate.

Community involvement & Development


The Group views community involvement and development as being of significant value to its operations. The Group’s strategy is to ensure that the Group provides economic opportunities in the value chain that help alleviate poverty and contribute towards better conditions of life for the community and individuals therein. This includes supporting the national economy through the Group’s key contributions to the fiscal revenues. Our focus is on creating sustainable partnerships with communities in ways that bring long-term benefits and lead to community empowerment and economic independence.

Education and Culture

Education and culture are the foundations for social and economic development and part of community identity, which the Group places considerable value on, as highlighted under individual businesses in the charts below.

Social Investment

The Group sees community involvement and development as a significant value to its operations.

Inclusive Business

The Group recognises vulnerable groups and communities that have limited capacity to realise their material needs. The Group therefore has on- going commitments for the provision of basic essentials for selected vulnerable groups. In addition to this, as part of our social responsibility program, the Group engages in inclusive business where the Group works with and empowers the disadvantaged and less privileged to become entrepreneurs involved in commercial enterprise. This is intended to reduce dependency, promote downstream industry and improve local economies.

Charitable Donations

The following table highlights the various community involvement and development initiatives carried out throughout the year by the various businesses, highlighting the Group’s commitment to Social Investment.


Innscor• Providing financial sponsorship on awareness of COVID-19 at a national level• National Covid Call Centre
• Ministry of Health & Child Care (MOHCC) for its ZimCovid Safe campaign
• Ministry of Information and Broadcasting Services
National Foods• Monthly food donations to vulnerable communities• 21 orphanages, including Runyararo Children’s Home, Kambuzuma, Felly Orphanage & Mother of Peace.
• Disability support for 10 centres, including Zimcare Trust, Homefield, Sharon Cohen & Emerald Hill

• Old People’s Homes, including Mucheke Old People’s Home & Ruwa Trust Lodge
• Marula School and the Shingirayi Trust
Baker’s Inn• Daily Bread supply to Prisons and Vulnerable groups• 300 loaves per day to Orphanages
• 900 loaves per day to Prisons
• 120 loaves per day to Disability Centres
• 100 loaves per day to Senior Citizen Homes
Colcom• Regular food donations• Orphanages - Rose of Sharon, Chinyaradzo’s Children Home, Vimbainesu Children’s Home, Shearly Cripps Children’s Home and St Christopher
• Disability Support - Emerald Hill Children’s Home,
St Joseph, Homefields, Jairos Jiri Association
• Senior Citizen Home Support - Athol Evans
• Vulnerable groups - St Marceline
Irvine's• Supporting Old Age Homes and Disabled/ Disadvantaged children through regular donations of chicken and eggs
• Donation of washable face masks to the community
• Athol Evans, Fairways Home, Harare Senior Citizens Club, Waterfalls Trust, Beezer Organisation
• Emerald Hill Children’s Home, Jairos Jiri Foundation, Danhiko Project Msasa, St John’s House of Boys
• Washable masks for the less privileged communities surrounding Irvine’s premises at Hopely, Stoneridge, and Southlands.
AMP Meats• Regular food donations• Chinyaradzo Children Home
• God Miracle Mission, a foster home based in Hatcliffe
Prodairy• Food donations made to the Old Age Homes, Children Homes and other Vulnerable Groups.
• Sponsorship to School activities
• Ruwa Rehabilitation Centre, Save Our Aged People (SOAP Zimbabwe), Beatrice Old People’s Home, Ondine Francis Trust, Zimbabwe National COVID-19 Action Trust (ZINCAT), Harare Rotary Club, Sally Mugabe Hospital, Aunty G’s Place of Safety, Jail & Bail, Good Samaritans, Christ Ministries, Rusape Hospital, Flame Lily Retirement Homes, Westreign Old Age Home, National Blood Transfusion Services.
• Barwick School Prize Giving Donation Christmas Donation and Give Aways, Zimbabwe Women’s Resource Centre and Network’s EatOut Movement.
Probrands• Regular food donations to Old Age Homes• Save Our Aged People (SOAP Zimbabwe), Ondine Francis Trust
Probottlers• Providing beverage donations to support various institutions who are dedicated to looking after vulnerable groups within society• Rainbow Children’s Home, Miracle Missions, Jail & Bail, National Blood Transfusion Services, Westreign Old Age Home, Flame Lily Old Age Home
Natpak• Special donation of 27 mattresses and 10 blankets• Mutemwa Leprosy Centre and Mother of Peace in conjunction with SEEDCO
Providence Human Capital• Partnered with the Access to Justice Centre, which assists marginalised communities, the poor, and Government. The Centre provides research, legal aid provision, legal advisory, advocacy, law reform, clinical training and legal outreaches• Access to Justice Centre (AJC) is a flagship of the Faculty of Law at the University of Zimbabwe


Innscor• Donations for animals• Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA)
National Foods• Donations of chicken feed, dog food, calf grower and game nuts to help improve animal welfare through directly providing care for animals in need and raising awareness of animal cruelty• Centres including Imire Rhino & Wildlife Conservation, Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA), Zambezi Society, Wild is Life Wildlife Sanctuary
Profeeds• Providing support for various wildlife charities through the donation of product
• Restocking reconstructed dam with fingerlings
• Vaccination and Sterilisation program administered through VAWZ
• Healing with Horses, Zimbabwe National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ZNSPCA), National Angler, Humani Ranch – Save Valley Conservancy, Imire Rhino & Wildlife Conservation
Mucheranwa Dam outside Marondera
Colcom• Donations for wildlife• Providing support for Veterinarians for Wildlife Zimbabwe (VAWZ) and Zimbabwe Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ZNSPCA)
AMP Meats• Donation of pet food• The Friend Animal Foundation
• The Tikki Hywood Foundation
• SPCA Harare
Irvine’s• Donations of pet food for the upkeep of animals.• Waterfalls Dog section - Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP)
Prodairy• Providing food donations.• Providing support for the Bumi Hills Anti-Poaching Rangers and the Horse Show
Probottlers• Providing wildlife conservation sponsorships through contributions towards anti-poaching scouts’ upkeep and fish conservation through catch & release.
• Supporting animal charity through tonic drinks donations for Christmas fundraiser.
• Victoria Falls Anti-poaching Unit (VFAPU)
• Chiredzi Rangers (Lowveld)
• Keepnet Zimbabwe
• The Friend Animal Foundation

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