Financial Reporting

The Group operates under the direction and management of an active, experienced team who add value through their industry expertise, deep market knowledge, professional management and entrepreneurial creativity.

Financial Highlights


Group Summary 2016
Revenue 586,910,708 554,288,478
Operating profit 55,026,751 43,550,254
Profit Before Tax 39,001,068 31,178,345
Profit for the year attributable to equity holders of the parent 15,699,939 18,260,076
Cash generated by operations 53,053,564 66,849,325
Net Assets 264,282,029 331,938,137
Share Performance (cents) 2016
Basic earnings per share 3.20 1.59
Headline earnings per share 3.40 1.64
Dividends declared and paid during the year :
Interim dividend per share 0.30 0.55
Final dividend per share (prior year) 0.55 0.70
Ordinary Share dividends per share recognised during the year 0.85 1.25
In-Specie-Dividend in respect of Simbisa Brands Limited 5.44
In-Specie-Dividend in respect of Axia Corporation Limited 5.12
Ordinary Share dividends per share declared and paid since reporting date 0.60 0.55
Market price per share – 30 June (cents) 17.30 60.00
Number of shares in issue at 30 June 541,593,440 541,593,440
Market capitalisation 93,695,665 324,956,064


Reports, results and presentations

The strategic decisions and financial data behind Innscor Africa’s growth. Download a PDF version of our current Annual Report. Also, you may view PDFs of prior annual reports, notice to members, trading updates etc.

Innscor Africa Annual Report 2016
Innscor Africa Annual Report 2016
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