Supply Chain Management

Our objective is to ensure that the Group procures raw materials in a sustainable way that minimises business risk. Our suppliers are an important stakeholder of our business value chain.


In managing the supply chain, our strategy is to ensure that all procurement is conducted in a professional and transparent manner, meeting prescribed standards and quality. We also seek to ensure that our supply chain objectives are delivered in a sustainable manner. Therefore, we count on sustainable relationships with our suppliers as business partners. We expect our suppliers to operate in accordance with our values, adhering to national laws, health and safety standards and ethics. Suppliers are engaged through supplier briefings, meetings, audits and trainings.

We create economic opportunities for small scale and previously disadvantaged group of suppliers in our supply chain. Appropriate training is provided to ensure small scale and previously disadvantaged group of suppliers meet expected quality and standards. In managing risk, our suppliers are introduced to global standards requirements and evaluation criteria so as to sustain our brands and reputation.


Our key products are manufactured and produced from maize, soya beans, soya meal, wheat, chicken, table eggs, mealie meal and stock feeds. These require high quality standards to be met. In 2017, our consumption of key raw materials were as follows:

Materials UsedUnit20172016
Soya Meal and BeansTons60,461576,599

Percentage of materials used that are recycled input materials