Stakeholder Capital and Engagements

Stakeholder Engagement is an integral part to the long-term value creation and sustainability of the Group.


Stakeholder Engagement is an integral part to the long-term value creation and sustainability of the Group. Transparency, constant dialogue and communication with our stakeholders regarding our activities are our key priorities for us and management endeavor to ensure that suggestions, guidance and the relevant recommendations are addressed. Th e Group’s Stakeholder Engagement strategy is integrated with our risk and business development management. We consider the dialogue with our stakeholders as a critical function of our business value chain. Our stakeholders who includes our employees, customers, suppliers, regulators, society, shareholders and investors are regarded as partners in the business. Stakeholder engagement is a day to day operation and the responsibility of all employees and management within each of the Group Companies.

Engaging with our stakeholders ensures that we are able to identify and verify material issues arising from our business operations which need our attention.

Our stakeholders play a role in materiality assessment and risk management. Engagement with stakeholders is conducted at company and Group level. Material issues at the company level are firstly assessed and evaluated before being consolidated with those at Group level to inform corporate strategy and responses.

In keeping with our corporate strategy, we try our best to give attention to material issues raised by our stakeholders whether they are economic, environmental or social issues. Material issues identified through company management and their sustainability teams are first evaluated and addressed at company level in line with our corporate strategy. Material issues of a policy nature or strategy are dealt with at the Group level.

Key stakeholders engagement activities during the year and actions considered on material issues raised are presented below:

Employees / Staff

Material Issues Raised or Stakeholder Concern Mitigation Measures Communication Channels
  • Fair treatment
  • Engagement and inclusion
  • Safe workplace
  • Competitive pay and Remuneration
  • Death Benefits
  • Employee benefits
  • Professional and continuing education and development
  • Regular communication
  • Labour unions
  • Development, implementation and monitoring of human resource policy and procedures
  • Training
  • Internal communications
  • Tip Off's Anonymous
  • Suggestions to Head Office
  • Code of ethics
  • Environment protection
  • Training and development
  • Safety policy procedures and program
  • Engagement activities
  • Health and Safety reviews

Goverment & Regulators
Shareholders & Potential Investors
Customers & Consumers
Local Communities