Human Capital

The Group’s employees deliver on our tagline which is ‘Passion for Value Creation’.

We thrive to attract and retain talented and passionate people for our business and support them in their skills and knowledge development. We create a working environment which makes our employees feel that they are partners in fulfilling the Group’s mission, founded on mutual trust, respect and dedication to performance, quality, respect for each other and undying passion for value creation.


The Group consists of highly motivated executives, management and support teams that help the Group achieve its corporate strategy and goals. To achieve this, we focus on creating working conditions that inspire our employees to achieve set targets. We are strongly committed to labour and social standards that attract and retain excellent people and leaders whom we continue to develop through long life learning and support.


The Group provides economic opportunities to many people through various employment opportunities that include short-term contracts, casual positions, fixed term contracts and full time or permanent positions.

Employees Base (Permanent & Contracts & Outsourcing)

Total Employees Unit 2017 2016
Male Count 5,534 6,707
Female Count 1,205 1,641
Total Employees Count 6,739 8,348

During the year, the Group recruited 729 employees (492 males and 237 female). 890 Individuals (710 male and 180 female) left the Group through ending of short term and causal position contracts.


The Group considers health and safety in our work place critical to all our businesses. Any incidences are treated seriously and receive the necessary attention. Regular audits are conducted to ensure safety measures are in place at all times and appropriate training conducted to ensure that all employees are aware of health and safety issues. The Group’s policy is to ensure incidences are kept as low as possible.

  Unit 2017 2016
Total Number of Injuries Incidence 266 344
Number of work related fatalities Incidence 1 0
Safety Training (days) Days 242 140

During the course of the year, we were saddened by the loss life of one of employees at one of our factories in a work-related incident. Additional measures were taken to ensure that such incidents do not reoccur.

Our total number of injuries was down by 23% from 2016, in line with increased number of safety training days which increased by 73% in 2017.


Th e Group’s commitment to health, safety and welfare all of its employees requires all businesses to ensure that they adopt and apply best practices at all times. Our employees’ workers council works with trade unions on key topics and standards practices on health and safety observed in our factories and operations. Our employees are members to several trade unions. During the year, major topics discussed at various employees sessions are presented below:


The Group continues to support and prioritise safety, health and well-being of employees, and their families through Group’s the Wellness Program. The Group’s Wellness programmes provide employees and their dependents with opportunities to foster a lifestyle sensitive and responsive to all the dimensions of total wellbeing. Our wellness interventions which include counselling and coaching have continued to help manage and mitigate some adverse effects on our employees. Statistics of our Wellness activities showed a positive influence on the health and wellness behaviours of our employees and their families. Our employees and their dependents have access to the Group’s Primary Health Care facilities in Harare, Bulawayo and Kariba. Th e Harare Innscor Total Wellness Centre is also an HIV Testing and Anti-Retroviral Treatment (ART) Centre. All our centres are manned by experienced and trained personnel. Th e table overleaf summarises Wellness activities conducted during the year:

Activities & Outcomes
  • 6 years running the day event.
  • Event activities included cancer awareness, stress management and body massage, general health check, men’s sexual reproductive health, eye testing, dental check-up, VCT, blood typing, BP check, BMI; glucose testing and counselling.
  • Employees across the country participated in sport activities which include soccer, netball, volleyball and other sports.
  • Wellness passports introduced on the day were a resounding success with most employees visiting 80% of the check points.
Activities & Outcomes
  • Employees participated in various events which included ‘General Wellness Talk’ and stress management.
  • Outreach activities were conducted across Zimbabwe.
Activities & Outcomes
  • Encouraged employees and their dependents to utilise the facilities in Harare, Bulawayo and Kariba, that provide both counselling facilities and primary health services.
  • Gym classes were started in Harare to improve the general health condition of our employees.
  • Employees encouraged to visit independent health providers for full health check-ups.
  • Feedback system introduced for employees yielding positive results and proving to be a good mode of communication.
Activities & Outcomes
  • Conducted workshops for Innscor Wellness Centre for Employees and dependents.
  • 90% Participation rate recorded in the meetings.
Activities & Outcomes
  • Initiated workplace based breast cancer awareness.
  • Breast Cancer Awareness breakfast meetings held in Bulawayo, Mutare, Masvingo and Kariba targeting employees and dependents.
Activities & Outcomes
  • Printed posters for employees to be aware of the disease and how to practice good hygiene for prevention.
Activities & Outcomes
  • Educated employees on emergency preparedness, risks and hazards in the workplace and conducted audits.
  • Recorded less injuries in the work place from accidents due to the good reception and implementation by employees
Activities & Outcomes
  • Skills and knowledge development of staff on training, team building, HIV Counselling & testing, coaching and mentorship.


For the year under review, our wellness attendance and participation during our Annual Wellness day was as follows:

Activity Unit 2017 2016
BMI/BP/BL SUGAR Counts 298 264
Massage & Wellness Counts 82 68
Men’s Health Counts 192 180
HIV Testing Counts 423 370
Counselling Counts 182 170
Blood Typing Counts 114 98
Cancer Awareness talks Counts 472 397
Dental Checks Counts 289 235
Visual Screening Counts 189 154
Total Counts 2,241 1,936


We consider learning and development a critical aspect of the Group’s philosophy. We invest in our employees skills and knowledge development that keeps them motivated, technically sound and equipped to provide efficient and effective customer service and quality production. The table below presents the average employee training time invested by the Group:

Average Training hours per Employee – Internal Training Unit 2017 2016
Male Hours 43 35
Female Hours 69 29


We try by all means to ensure that our production facilities maintain the highest of standards that do not compromise on the quality and safety of our consumers and employees. We take comprehensive preventative measures to ensure that our production facilities meet the highest standards.


We monitor and review the safety of our products through our quality control units all the way to our customers. We work continuously to ensure that our products pose no risk to our customers, consumers, employees and the environment and that they are seen to be used responsibly and in the manner intended. Our Strategy is to ensure that high standards are applied in the manufacturing and distribution process. During the year under review, our companies retained their ISO9001, ISO17025, ISO22000 and FSS22000 certifications.