Group & Head Office

Board Of Directors
Non-Executive Directors
Addington Chinake
(Chairman) • * †
Thembinkosi Sibanda • * †
Non-Executive Directors
Michael Fowler * †
Zinona (Zed) Koudounaris

Executive Directors
Julian Schonken ^ Ω
Godfrey Gwainda ^ Ω
Antonio Fourie
(Resigned 21.8.2016) ^ Ω
John Koumides
(Resigned 1.7.2016) ^ Ω •
Basil Dionisio
(Resigned 30.9.2015) ^ Ω
• Members of the Audit Committee
* Members of the Remuneration Committee
^ Members of the Finance and Investment Commitee
† Members of the Nomination Committee
Ω Members of the Executive Committee

Chairman of the Audit Committee Thembinkosi Sibanda
Chairman of the Remuneration Committee Addington Chinake
Chairman of the Nomination Committee Addington Chinake
Chairman of the Executive Committee Julian Schonken (Appointed 21.8.2016)
Chairman of the Finance and Investment Committee Godfrey Gwainda
Group Executives
Antonio Fourie Group Chief Executive Officer
(Resigned 21.8.2016)
Julian Schonken Group Chief Executive Officer
(Appointed 1.9.2016)
Godfrey Gwainda Group Financial Director
Raymond Nyamuziwa ^ Group Treasurer
Andrew Lorimer Group Company Secretary
Tony O’Gorman Executive – Retail and Wholesale
(Resigned 31.8.2016)
Dr Louis Carstens Executive – Strategy and Business Optimisation
(Resigned 1.7.2016)


Corporate Services
Priti Da Silva Group Services Executive
Farai Machodo Group Financial Manager
Ronald Gumbo Group Tax Officer
Tanya Chitaukire Divisional Financial Manager
Salary Services T/A Providence Human Capital
Chipo Ndudzo Managing Director