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Profeeds was established in 2007 as a stock feed manufacturing plant. We manufacture Chicken, Cattle, Horse, Pig, Rabbit, Dog and Fish feed.

Profeeds was founded in 2007 as a stock feed manufacturing plant, a subsidiary of Progroup Holdings Private Limited. During our infancy years, Profeeds produced 150MT of chicken feed per month for a few commercial poultry farmers. Between 2007 and 2009 infrastructure for storage, transportation and weighing of feed was developed. In 2010 Profeeds tied up a key partnership with Irvine’s Zimbabwe, the largest chicken producer in Zimbabwe and focused on the small-scale chicken farmer. This was the year that we opened the first Profeeds Centre in Harare, which brought about a total poultry solution for the chicken farmer. In addition, it was at this time, that Profeeds pioneered the three-phase pelleted feed – Starter, Grower and Finisher categories. We specialise in poultry feed, both for broilers and layers. We also manufacture, pig, horse and dog food. 2015 will see cattle and rabbit feed join our basket which joins a recently developed fish feed that we have manufactured in a joint collaboration with Aquafeeds.

Pellets vs Mash. Profeeds has developed a range of pellet products for its customer base:

  1. Less wastage
  2. Effective and Lower Feed Conversion (1.7 – 1.6)
  3. Bird uses 30% less energy digesting same
  4. Improved hygiene as it involves a heat

With our small-scale farmer in mind, we developed specialised training seminars on Broiler Management, and together with our partners at Irvine’s Zimbabwe began sharing best practice techniques that yield maximum results. This training is close to our heart at Profeeds, we hold free training seminars throughout the year at all our Profeeds Centres, Prostores containers and various farming organisations. In 2014 alone, we trained almost as 8000 chicken farmers across the country. Since then, the amount of small scale farmers trained over the years, have numbered between 7500-9000 farmers per year.

Our centre and containers footprint has steadily increased and you can now find us throughout Zimbabwe. We have 38 Profeeds Centres as well as 8 Profeeds containers, that service the rural areas of our country. Through this retail platform we distribute our acclaimed feed, Irvine’s Day-Old chicks (Cobb 500), poultry equipment, veterinary medicines, vitamins, bio-security chemicals, poultry house cleaning chemicals and more, making us very much a one stop shop. Later in 2017 will see our product range increase to also include textiles, fertilizer and seed, creating a farming hub for the discerning small-scale farmer.

Early in 2014 we invested in a top of the range stock feed plant as well as additional storage. This trebled both production and storage capacity. This new plant has led to feed quality improvement as well as improved our efficiencies and production, allowing us to cater for our growing base of customers. Current capacity can reach 12 000MTs per month, however with planned upgrades, we continue to grow and expand. Our retail platform will see additional growth for both our Profeeds Centres and Profeeds containers.

Profeeds is passionate about growth: partner with performance and get growing today!

Nigel Philp Chief Executive Officer
Tidings Chimphondah Executive Director
Sean Reid Head of Factory Operations
Herbert Ratisai Finance Executive
John Mtelela HR Executive