The Group takes community empowerment and development to be of significant business value in the places we operate.


The Group takes community empowerment and development to be of significant business value in the places we operate. Our main focus is creating sustainable partnerships with communities in ways that bring long-term impact and sustainable benefits to both ourselves and those communities. The Group supports communities as part of its commitment to good corporate citizenship.


The Group’s community empowerment and development strategy is to ensure that the Group provides economic opportunities in the value chain that help alleviate poverty and contribute towards better conditions of life for the community and individuals therein.

Our Management Approach

The Group supports community development that empowers the disadvantaged and less privileged with opportunities to access health care, education and recreational activities. The Group supports children, disabled, orphans and senior citizens in improving their living conditions. We also supports areas of art, culture and sports around the communities we operate as well as supporting animal welfare. Our communities include those within which our employees and their families live as well as where our business operate.

Covid-19 Responses

Investment GoalsSupportBeneficiaries
  • Upgrading Covid-19 quarantine centres
  • Improving remuneration for Nurses – hence improved health delivery
  • Mealie meal, sanitisers, setting up a Covid-19 Information Centre, 40 000 test kits, National Call Centre for Covid-19 Response.Zimbabwe Covid-19 Assistance Trust (ZimCAT), Ministry of Health Facilities,
    Kariba Hospital, Beatrice Infections Hospital, Chitepo Manicaland Hospital, Ekhusileni Hospital, Ministry of Information & Kamba Communications – Covid-19 Call Centre, Tekhotel Call Centre; Teleprompter – Covid-19 and Nurses

    Community Infrastructure & empowerment support
    Disability Support

    Investment GoalsSupportBeneficiaries
    Assist Children and Adults with Disabilities to enjoy full lives
  • Groceries—
  • Sponsorship—
  • —
  • Wheel chairs—
  • Various Old People’s Homes, Manicaland State University of Applied Science (MSUAS) Beatrice Infections Hospital, Tariro Halfway Home-Mentally Challenged Rehabilitation Dorothy Duncan Centre For The Blind & Physically Handicapped, Babra Burrel, Harare Hospital Children’s Rehabilitation, Mushawedu Community Caledonia Branch, Sibantubanye School, Emerald Hill Children’s Home, National Parents of Handicapped Children Zimbabwe, Danhiko Project, Jairos Jiri Southerton and Waterfalls, St Joseph’s House of Boys, St Marceline Catholic Parish, Zimcare Trust Homefield Sharon Cohen

    Old Peoples' Home
    Arts, Social and Religion
    Animal Welfare