The Group takes community empowerment and development to be of significant business value in the places we operate.

Our main focus is creating sustainable partnerships with communities in ways that bring long-term impact and sustainable benefits to ourselves and those communities. Th e Group supports communities within the places it operates as part of its commitment to good corporate citizenship.


The Group’s community empowerment and development strategy is to ensure that the Group plays a critical role in empowering communities through economic opportunities within the Group’s business value chain that help alleviate poverty and contribute towards better conditions of life for the community and individuals therein. Th e Group supports corporate and social responsibility areas such as hospitals and health facilities, access to education for the disadvantaged, initiatives that reach out to many bodies as well as communities with its people in mind and with a view to sustaining long term benefit and sustainable impacts. We work with the disabled, orphans and senior citizens in improving their living conditions. Th e Group has committed to fostering areas in art, culture and sports around the communities we operate as well as supporting animal welfare. Our communities also include those communities within which our employees and their families live.

In 2017, The Group’s corporate and social investments were deployed towards community development and charity support. Below are some of the initiatives which we supported:

Community Development Support


St Francis Primary School Shamva, Bryden Country School, Maringore Primary Darwendale, Kumbarami Primary Murehwa, Sharon School Harare, Lomagundi College, Derbyshire and Ardno Schools, Kapneck Trust.Cement, Stationery, School Magazine, Prize Giving Gifts, Teachers Incentives, Schools Rehabilitation.

Community Infrastructure & empowerment support

Charity Support

Disability Support

Jairos Jiri Waterfalls, Jairos Jiri Southerton, Danhiko Centre, ZIMCARE Trust, Homefields Care Center, Emerald Hill Children’s Home, Morgenster School for the Deaf, Nyathi Family, Epilepsy Centre, Kidzcan.
  • Weekly supply of eggs, chicken, meat, mealie meal, wheat, bread etc.
  • Weekly drugs support for support and funds.

Old Peoples' Home
Arts, Social and Region
Animal Welfare