Company Vision & Strategy

What we are

  • Innscor Africa is a diversified conglomerate operating primarily in the FMCG food space both in Zimbabwe and a number of other African countries
  • Dominant businesses across manufacturing, distribution and retail sectors
  • Strength in numerous household brands, both created and acquired, as well as strong cash generating ability

Our Vision

Our vision is to improve the quality of life of the customers in our chosen target markets and thereby to create and unlock value.

We do this by bringing access to best value food, fast moving & durable goods at the lowest relative prices.

Strategic Intent

To build a diversified Pan African, and where strategically appropriate, a vertically integrated Group, focussed on light manufacture, distribution and retail of food, fast moving consumer and durable goods to the mass market.

Our Mission

IAL is a diversified Pan African Management Holding Company.
We manufacture, distribute and retail food, fast moving & durable consumer goods to the mass market through a managed and where strategically appropriate, vertically integrated portfolio of businesses which:

  • benefit from being part of our Group.
  • have the ability or potential to achieve scale.
  • have the ability to dominate the supply chain and / or market in which they operate.

The Group operates under the direction and management of an active, experienced team who add value through their industry expertise, deep market knowledge, professional management and entrepreneurial creativity.

Where have we come from

Year Event  
1987 First Fast Food outlet opened  
1993 Acquisition of Astra Crocodile Ranching, Shearwater Adventures and opening of Distribution Group Africa and started acquiring international agencies  
1995 Initial mechanised bread plant acquired in Harare  
1998 Listed Innscor Africa Limited on ZSE ( (market cap USD70M)
Opened Fast Food outlets in Zambia, Ghana, Kenya and Senegal
1999 Acquired SPAR Eastern region business and opened Corporate Stores in Harare
2002 Shareholding acquired in Colcom Holdings Limited ( (80%)
Opened first SPAR Corporate Store in Zambia
2004 Shareholding acquired in National Foods Holdings Limited( (37%)
2005 Construction of third crocodile farm in Kariba commenced  
2009 Acquired 49% in Irvine’s Zimbabwe (Pvt) Ltd (broiler and egg producer, with hatchery and processing plant)
2010 Crocodile Ranching operation ( unbundled and listed separately on the ZSE via a dividend in specie
2011 – 2012 Acquired Shepperton Road property for Bakers Inn and consolidated operations on the site  
2013 Fast Foods: (1) franchised Swaziland and Lesotho, (2) expanded in Zimbabwe, Kenya, Zambia and (3) Opened in DRC  
2014 (1) Exploring Pan-African acquisition strategy; (2) Reorganising / Diversification of IAL  
2015 Unbundled fast foods operation and listed it separately on ZSE as Simbisa Brands